Dubai- Pagani Luxury Apartment - J ONE Tower B

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Wohnung zum kaufen in 22765 Hamburg

PLZ /Ort:

22765 Hamburg


2.850.000,00 €


239,00 m²





239,00 m²



2.850.000,00 €




J ONE (One of the best quality Pearl)A Unique Twin Tower at Canal side of BurjKhalifa District

A symbol of Wisdom, Wealth, Strength and Protection.A precious living gift from Mother Nature surrounding the wearer with purity, generosity and balance integrity.The symbol of life gift made from a tiny sand grain to a precious jewellery.

The Concept Elements

The strength of the shell as an envelope and the beauty of the Pearl as a Heart are the most effective common values of living creatures. The fighting against unknown threats by shelling the dangers from surroundings, preventing the fragile beauty lied inside, keeping the beauty of the internal values and resisting the surrounding uncertain affects all these are the most common living philosophy of any living creature which are based on protection, respect and developing of living tools.

The Architectural Concept

The Concept Design of the project was born from Mother Nature gifts.
Black Pearls, Shells and Waves of the sea, all these are the elements of the Design Concept guided by the strong roots of the heritage background of the U.A.E. blended to great the unique form of the building.
The instability of lines, strong uneven approach, transparency, hidden balance, mysterious dynamics of forms, all these tools of design translated to reinforce the Design Concept elements and assist to deliver the final image of the building.


The project is located on Plot 3466831 (LD Plot 176), BurjKhalifa District, Dubai with a total plot area of 95,250 sq. ft. and Gross Floor Area of 476,000 sq. ft. & total Built Up area of 903,067.19 sq.ft.


Project Physical Description:

The project comprises of 2 Nos. Residential Buildings. Tower A comprises of 257 units, out of which 102 Studios, 131 One Bedrooms and 24 Two Bedrooms with average sizes of 573 sq.ft. for Studios, 884 sq.ft. for 1 BRs and 1,426 sq.ft. for 2 BRs. Tower B comprises of 90 units, out of which 66 Two Bedrooms, 13 Three Bedrooms and 11 Four bedrooms with average sizes of 1,985 sq.ft. for 2 BRs, 2,540 sq.ft. for 3 BRs and 2,785 sq.ft. for 4 BRs. Apart from the 347 Flats there will be 6 Luxury Villas with an average size of 4,216 sq.ft. each. Moreover, 9 commercial shops/showrooms and a Unique Restaurant at the 17th Floor of Tower B are the other attractions.

Sonstige Angaben

The Heritage of U.A.E.

Many divers in Arabian Gulf risked their lives to attain this jewel which known as the gift of God from deep sea. Granting them the wealth and offering the meaning of suffer in life to win the bounty of their journey, all these values was raised and established in human beings for long time in this region and affected the generations year after year and before the oil founded.
The human kind find his way in this area and started to develop their living way, settling, fighting for their life, rooting in this harsh grounds from very simple gains and thinking of their bigger dream to build nation and grow their land to meet their future.


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Sollte Ihnen dieses Objekt gefallen, so kontaktieren Sie bitte Black Pearl Immobilien Ansprechpartner Patrick Korfmann, Bruckstraße 32 in 84130 Dingolfing.

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